Favourite Plants - Good Doers!

I have many favorites!  Most of them being good old fashioned plants that flower well and do not need molly coddling in order to thrive and perform well in the garden. Lets face it, spare time for tending large herbaceous borders is at a premium these days, and even if borders are small we want them to look their best with the minimum of input, such busy lives we lead.
So, most of my favorite plants are what I call 'good doers' and as long as they are planted in the right place and not left to dry out for months on end will provide a lovely display of color for their particular season.

Some of the most reliable and colorful spring favorites are Cyclamen, Brunnera & Epimedium.


   For Mid - late spring interest    


Both of these are great ground cover plants. 

The Epimedium is evergreen and the foliage on 'Jack Frost' will last until the first frosts.

Geranium 'Renardii' & 'Johnsons Blue' will make a good size clump,
come back every year & flower until end May into June.