STORIES from the OFFICE.....

In my last newsletter I mentioned my office, the small but beautifully formed one that looks out onto an open field & brook.

Its been the hub for a summer of several fantastic commissions - my pencils are almost glowing, some of them have become stubs they've been sharpened so much!!

I'm so pleased & excited to see the current recognition of gardening as a 'prescribed' alternative to medication where appropriate, in a few areas in England. Bring it on! As an ex nurse & counsellor the profound healing effects of gardening & being amongst nature are something I have seen & heard of many times. Infact I have been blessed to work on several therapeutic gardens in my work, but in my mind all gardens should be therapeutic for their owners. Sadly, this is not always the case as many feel they don't have the time, inclination, skills or knowledge to create such a space.

So, if you & your garden are feeling 'unwell' contact Carol for your garden prescription ' 2tspns. a day at least 3times a week' has maximum benefits with minimal side effects!



Hello all, 

It's the talk of the town....what a wet, wet, wet winter we've had!!

Most gardens with a clay based soil are sodden! hopefully planted with water/moisture loving plants that will survive the excess wet soil. But... on walking round my garden this morning, which  has clay based soil although drainage has been improved, I spotted Heleniums &  Rudbekias with a wealth of new shoots at the these 'well-drained soil' loving plants surviving through this wet winter  has to be good news for most gardeners. 

The  media coverage on climate change has erupted during this winter, more & more people are becoming aware of the importance of keeping their piece of personal greenspace in great condition - many small, healthy greenspaces unite to form an overall huge healthy greenspace. Sustainable planting schemes & their subsequent impact on insect & bee populations play a huge role in producing clean air, improving pollination for our vegetables & fruit & providing a safe haven for us to retreat to.

 The 'greenroof' bin store  has given me a continuous 'green' view from the office window & the selection of succulents, alpines & prostrate  Rosemary provided some nectar for early bees.

Its also been heartening to see the introduction of re-cyclable pots come into the garden centres reducing the amount of plastic going to landfill.

  •  AUTUMN is the time to take ACTION to organise that professional help so your ideas can be realised next year, you will be ready to roll right at the start of the season, so as soon as the weather starts turning to spring your garden project can become a reality.
  • Want to  improve your garden, revamp just a part of it or are you looking at it wide eyed, perplexed & completely overwhelmed? Call Carol or send an email, it can be sorted so you can sit back with that chilled white wine & enjoy your dream this next summer.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Carol J.