Planting is the ultimate challenge for most garden owners & with garden centre prices being so expensive the survival of purchased plants is a priority. Key to this is 'right plant right place'  something which many people find daunting, & even when you've planted that £50 tree it still doesn't make much difference to the look of the garden, its' still bare in winter!
Carol can help you figure out the many challenges & problems that garden planting presents to us with these specialised services:
  1. REVAMP a specific area...….
  2. LEAVE the HARD LANDSCAPING as it is but clear & replant all existing borders. 
  3. PLANTING PLAN  this is a fully scaled plan with a detailed plant schedule which enables plants to be accurately quantified,   costed & ordered from nurseries.
Carol will:
  • Take photos & prepare a 'planting analysis', followed by sketches of new plant suggestions.
  • Planting suggestions are presented as pages of fully detailed  'plant images'  so you can see exactly what the new plants will look like & the difference they will make. 
 You can choose from either 1,2 & 3 , the above process stages are also inclusive in the full Planting Plan package.
I can draft a fully detailed document which includes:
  • Each named plant with its season of interest, growth habit & how to maintain it
  • A colour chart naming each plant & showing the month of the year in which it is of interest....flower colour, foliage colour etc.