We are pleased to give this testimonial for Carol Smith and her professional work as a garden designer. 

Carol carried out a survey of our small front and rear gardens, listening carefully to our own thoughts, but giving us valuable input as to what might be possible on our property. Her plans involved a radical re-modelling of the existing site, entailing considerable excavation and construction work. She prepared drawings and a planting plan and discussed these with us in depth, adapting the plans to include our own preferences where agreed. We eventually decided on a split-level design with a Mediterranean flavour, raised flower beds and full paving. This was carried out over the following months. 

That was several years ago. Our garden has now matured, and although some of the planting has inevitably changed, the basic design remains unchanged and has always given us a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction. 

During the project, Carol was always supportive, involved and a pleasure to work with. We have a high regard for her ability to envisage the possibilities of a garden, to explain and depict her ideas and to bring them to fruition.........

Mr. G. Glendinning.........I Googled for local garden designers and intended to get quotes from three - it's the grown-up thing to do, after all. But I met Carol and didn't bother shopping around. She's professional, transparent, down to earth (ha-ha!), and responsive to your budget, circumstances, and opinions (however bonkers!). She's just done me three design options and I'm frustrated I can't have them all ! ".

I have used the services of Carol Smith to design and plant a Mediterranean garden at our home . She is hard working , enthusiastic and has an amazing  flair for garden design . She is very personable and easy to work with and makes the whole experience a pleasure  . I have been delighted with the results and would recommend her to any of my friends or family .

Carol's brief was to plan a design for a 30 x 36 ft town garden............ to attract wildlife and to include 2 seating areas, a lawn, a pond and raised beds. At the first meeting she listened to our ideas and did a thorough survey of the existing garden and subsequently produced a very professional plan which encompassed all our ideas and met our approval. She then recommended a very capable builder and during the construction visited the site to check his progress. We are delighted with the finished result and would wholeheartedly recommend her work.

Carol designed my garden seven years ago when I moved into this house in St Johns, Worcester......It was a complete makeover from the ground up. We were able to include all the features I wanted such as greenhouse, two patio areas, lawn, borders, trees and shrubs, a summer house and raised vegetable beds. It is now a real delight for me, with lots of colour, wildlife, herbs,nesting birds etc. The removal of the old grass and paths and the hard landscaping was achieved in the space of one week, and then the planting began. I have learned so much from Carol's experience and expertise and I was impressed by how much was possible on a tight budget. You would be very welcome to view the garden if you would like. I would highly recommend Carol for your project and wish you many years of happy gardening.

Carol Smith testimonial.......... I first met Carol when I booked her to give a talk on ‘Designing a Small Garden’ to our Horticultural Society about two years ago. One of her slides resembled how my garden could look if transformed, and as at that time I was becoming aware that my age and health were preventing me keeping my garden up to the standard I would want I emailed her for help. We arranged a date for her visit and we had a very good talk about my needs, her experiences before becoming a designer and all the pros and cons of having my garden designed and built. She understood just what I wanted and how involved I wanted to be in caring for my garden. Carol explained all the details and costs very carefully, and how events would proceed depending on what action I decided to go for. I decided to go for the ‘full treatment’ of design, planning, measuring and building and setting up with plants, (to my choice and hers), and I’m extremely glad I did. I knew from the start where and when I was going to have to pay expenses and what they were. I knew what it would look like at the end, and may I say that it supersedes all my expectations, and my needs and opinions were also taken into consideration all the time. I have the most beautiful, small garden that now everyone who has seen it is just in awe of. Over the last almost two years there has not been one single person who has made any unpleasant comment at all, they have all loved it! I have also spent more time relaxing in the garden than I had done over several years. Carol has also followed up a couple of times since completion and I told her on her last visit what a change her garden design has had to my life and the enormous pleasure it has given me every single day since then. It has always been my dream of having what I call ‘A Chelsea Garden’ and now I feel as though I have got one and I couldn’t thank her more for it. I could not recommend her any higher.

Here is my testamonial.........When we decided to improve our garden, we really didn't have a clear idea of what we wanted. We had a couple of people round to look, but still didn't quite know what to do. Then we meet Carol.From the first visit it was clear that this was going to work. At last somebody who not only knew the right questions to ask, but listened to our answers and ramblings and kept in mind that we are definitely not gardeners. In due course along came a design which we were very pleased with. Something which is very low maintenance, but also is a pleasant place to be in. Carol helped us with the whole project from start to finish. Now 5 years on, we are still extremely pleased with the result.