What can I Do for You?

A highly trained Garden Designer & horticulturalist with over 20 years experience, not just in the office but on the end of a spade as well! I can help you

to sort your garden out & this is the perfect time to start your new garden project for 2020......WHY & HOW?


Some new planting or smaller changes can transform your existing garden or maybe you just want to start again from a blank canvas, whatever your ideas are, now is the ideal time to start the design process. 

I appreciate your probably still in 'winter' mode tucked up inside & don't even want to look at the garden...all that dead foliage, weedy bits, boggy lawn & bare, wet earth are not exactly an inviting sight to entice you out.... I don't blame you at all! So, why am I trying to encourage you to think about it?! Because these late winter, early spring months are the ideal time to start planning for this summer. Plans completed, construction organised, plants ordered, when late spring/summer comes around you are at the front of the race, ready to sprint over the finishing line & have a great summer enjoying your garden. 

HOW does it all work?
The Process:
  • Consultation - A visit to assess the garden, discuss the clients 'likes' & 'dislikes', how its used, any particular problems with the garden & a loose plan as to how to take things forward.
  • Site survey - the garden is measured in order to draw it to scale, & photographed.
  • Digital analysis - using photographs Carol produces an 'analysis' of the existing garden, this supports the design suggestions along with the brief taken & is emailed to the client for their approval.
  • Pre-lim Design - Carol uses the brief, analysis & her creative skills to produce mood sheets looking at materials & garden features - emailed out to clients for their feedback.
  • Design - All feedback is now used to produce a fully scaled plan of the garden layout, in pencil, with a 3D drawing, project can be costed at this stage. Once all is agreed the final plan is drafted & printed.
  • Planting designThe planting areas are drawn to scale, plant schedules (lists) drawn up, plant image sheets drafted, costings prepared.This is all discussed & proposed plant images shown to the client, once all agreed the final planting plan is drafted & printed.
    PLANTING DESIGN: See the Planting Design page. 

A telephone conversation with Carol will help you to decide which services you need.